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How to Take Advantage of Smart Home Features

According to a recent HomeAdvisor research report, Americans spent on average $564-$2,260 to install a home automation system, with prices ranging as high as $15,000 to install a hard-wired system. While outfitting your home with a full suite of smart home technology can be pricey and intimidating, there are some smaller ways you can start to incorporate this all-the-rage trend into your abode. Smart home automation deals with syncing household devices and systems with schedules or responsive sensors, says HomeAdvisor, which means that smart home technology is dependent upon smartphone apps and wireless internet routers. The goal is to save on costs, and add convenience and security throughout your home. A good place to start is with your thermostat. A variety of smart thermostats are available, allowing you to automate and control your homes temperature from your smartphone. Some, like Nest, learn your habits throughout the day and set the temperature accordingly. You might also want to consider a smart television. An evolution of the Roku and Apple TV external devices, smart televisions have integrated everything you could ever want right into your set – Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, HBO Go, Pandora, network TV, gaming and much more. Another great feature to consider is smart shades or blinds. These programmable, remote-controlled window coverings allow you to schedule open-and-close times in conjunction with the rooms exposure, putting you in control of energy saving and setting the mood. Speaking of setting the mood, a whole host of smart light dimmers give you the option to control the lights in your home from your smartphone. This is an especially useful security feature while youre away from your home for extended periods of time. Another great security option is smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors"this technology alerts you to not only what the problem is but within which part of your home its happening. While the smart home technology options are endless and fascinating, keep in mind that they are internet dependent, so if your home goes offline, so will your devices. Like this update? As your local real estate professional, I can provide more great tips like this and answer any real estate information questions you may have. Contact me today! Published with permission from RISMedia.
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