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    Pet- Dog Friendly Villas

    Our pets are an important part of our lives. Hilton Head Island and Bluffton are very dog friendly areas, with dogs also being allowed on the beach, HERE are the beach rules for dogs.

    Many of the restaurants are also dog friendly, HERE is a link to more information.

    There are many villa complexes in our area, and they all have different rules regarding pets, mainly dogs. Below is a list of villas and their pet policy.*


    BRIDGEPOINTE CONDOMINIUMS             Owner Only       

    PLANTATION POINT                                   Dogs Weight Restricted, Leash Law, Renter Yes

    THE COLONY AT THE CRESCENT                Owner Only       

    THE ESTATE AT WESTBURY                          Dog max = 2, Dogs Weight Restricted, Renter Yes

    THE VILLAS AT OLD SOUTH                        Dog max = 2, Renter Yes

    Folly Field          

    FIDDLERS COVE                                            No Pets

    HILTON HEAD BEACH & TENNIS                 No Pets

    ISLAND CLUB VILLAS                                    Owner Only

    SEA CLOISTERS VILLAS                                 Leash Law, Owner Only

    STONES THROW VILLAS                               No Restrictions

    Forest Beach     



    CONTINENTAL CLUB VILLAS                         Leash Law, No Restrictions


    DUNES VILLAS                                             Dog max = 2, Dogs Weight Restricted, Leash Law

    FOREST BEACH VILLAS                                Owner Only

    FOREST GARDENS VILLAS                           Owner Only

    HILTON HEAD BEACH CLUB VILLAS            Owner Only, Renter No

    HILTON HEAD BEACH VILLAS                       Owner Only

    ISLAND HOUSE VILLAS                                 Dog max = 1, Leash Law

    NORTH SHORE PLACE VILLAS                      Leash Law, Owner Only

    OCEAN BREEZE VILLAS                                 Renter Yes

    OCEAN CLUB VILLAS                                     No Restrictions

    OCEAN DUNES VILLAS                                  Owner Only

    SEASCAPE VILLAS                                          Owner Only

    SURF COURT VILLAS                                      Owner Only

    THE SEA CREST VILLAS                                   Owner Only

    THE SEABROOK                                              Dog max = 2

    TREETOPS VILLAS                                           Leash Law

    XANADU VILLAS                                             Owner Only

    Hampton Lake 

    LAKE ESTATES                                                 Owner Only


    BRITTANY PLACE                                            Owner Only

    BROAD CREEK LANDING AP                         Leash Law

    BROAD CREEK LANDING FC                          Leash Law

    COTTON HOPE VILLAS                                   Renter Yes

    MARINERS COVE VILLAS                                Leash Law, No Restrictions

    MARSH SIDE VILLAS                                       Dog max = 2, Dogs Weight Restricted, Leash Law

    PALMETTO BAY CLUB VILLAS                       Owner Only

    PALMETTO BAY MV                                        Owner Only

    PALMETTO COMMONS                                  Dogs Weight Restricted

    SUMMER HOUSE                                           Dog max = 2, Leash Law, Renter Yes

    SUMMERFIELD VILLAS                                   Owner Only

    THE LEGENDS ON THE GREEN                     Renter Yes

    THE PRESERVE AT INDIGO RUN                  Dogs Weight Restricted, Leash Law

    THE RESIDENCES AT EDGEWATER              Leash Law, Owner Only

    WOODLAKE VILLAS                                       Dog max = 2, Leash Law, Renter Yes

    WYNDEMERE VILLAS                                     Owner Only

    Hilton Head Plantation

    MARINERS POINT VILLA                                 Owner Only

    GRANDVIEW                                                   Owner Only

    VILLAGE OF SKULL CK N                                 Owner Only

    THE CHARLES                                                  Owners Only

    Indigo Run         

    BERWICK GREEN VILLAS                                 Owner Only

    Jasper County  

    ABBEY GLEN                                                    Leash Law

    Palmetto Dunes/Shelter Cove   

    ABBINGTON VILLAS                                        Leash Law

    ANCHORAGE VILLAS                                       Leash Law

    BARRINGTON ARMS VILLAS                         Owner Only

    BEACH VILLAS                                                 Leash Law, None

    CAPTAINS QUARTERS VILLAS                      Owner Only

    CENTRECOURT VILLAS                                    Leash Law

    FAZIO VILLAS                                                  Leash Law, Renter No

    HAMPTON PLACE VILLAS                               Leash Law, Renter No

    HARBOURSIDE I VILLAS                                  Leash Law

    HARBOURSIDE II VILLAS                                 Leash Law

    HICKORY COVE VILLAS                                   Leash Law

    HUNTINGTON VILLAS                                     Leash Law, Renter No

    INVERNESS VILLAGE VILLAS                         Owner Only

    MAIN SAIL VILLAS                                           Leash Law, Renter No

    NEWPORT VILLAS                                            Leash Law, Owner Only

    OCEAN COVE VILLAS                                       Owner Only

    QUEENS GRANT VILLAS                                  Leash Law

    SOMERSET VILLAS                                            Owner Only

    SOUTH SHORE COMMONS                           Owner Only

    ST ANDREWS COMMON VILLAS                 No Restrictions

    THE MOORINGS VILLAS                                  Owner Only

    TRADEWINDS                                                   Dogs Weight Restricted, Owner Only

    TURNBERRY VILLAGE VILLAS                        Leash Law

    VILLAMARE VILLAS                                          Owner Only

    WINDSOR CT S VILLAS                                    Leash Law, Owner Only, Renter No

    WINDSOR PLACE I VILLAS                              Owner Only

    YACHT CLUB VILLAS                                         Owner Only

    Port Royal          

    CROWN REEF VILLA                                         Leash Law

    PORT ROYAL TENNIS DEV                               Owner Only

    Sea Pines            

    BEACHSIDE TENNIS VILLAS                            Leash Law, Owner Only

    BLUFF VILLAS                                                    Leash Law, Owner Only

    BRIARWOOD                                                     Leash Law, Owner Only

    CLIPPER COURT                                                Owner Only

    CUTTER COURT VILLAS                                    Owner Only

    FAIRWAY OAKS VILLAS                                    Leash Law, Owner Only

    GREENWOOD GARDEN VILLAS                   Owner Only

    HARBOURWOOD VILLA                                  Owner Only

    HERITAGE VILLAS                                             Owner Only

    KETCH COURT VILLAS                                     Leash Law, Owner Only

    LAKE FOREST VILLA                                          Owner Only

    LAWTON VILLAS                                               Owner Only

    LIGHTHOUSE TENNIS VILLAS                         No Restrictions

    NIGHT HERON                                                  Leash Law, Owner Only

    PLANTATION CLUB VILLAS                             Owner Only

    PORT VILLAS                                                      Owner Only

    SCHOONER COURT VILLAS                            No Restrictions

    SEA LOFT                                                          Leash Law

    SOUTH BEACH CLUB VILLAS                          Owner Only

    STONEY CREEK VILLAS                                    Owner Only

    TURTLE LANE CLUB VILLAS                            Owner Only – Dogs

    WILDWOOD SPA VILLAS                                 Owner Only


    BEACHWALK VILLAS                                        Dog max = 1

    EVIAN VILLAS                                                   Leash Law

    GOLFMASTER I VILLAS                                    Renter Yes

    GOLFMASTER I VILLAS                                    Renter Yes

    GOLFMASTER II VILLAS                                   Leash Law, Owner Only

    HARBOUR MASTER VILLAS                            Owner Only

    SAILMASTER VILLAS                                        No Restrictions

    SHIPMASTER VILLAS                                       No Restrictions

    TENNISMASTER VILLAS                                  No Restrictions

    TOWNHOUSE TENNIS III                                 Owner Only

    WATERFORD VILLAS                                        Owner Only

    WINDWARD VILLAGE VILLAS                        Dog max = 2, Leash Law, Owner Only

    Windmill Harbour          

    SPINDLE LANE VILLAS                                      Leash Law

    WESTWIND                                                       No Restrictions

    *DISCLAIMER: We strive to have current update information.  However, pet rules may change at any time.  Verify prior to purchase.  Even if not noted, all complexes require dogs to be on a leash.  If there is a complex we do not have listed, please contact us and we will research for you.